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Waterfall between rocksThanks for visiting. Pull up a chair and get comfortable.

This blog is a place to share thoughts, experiences and opinions. It is a place where you can come to get current technology news and information. In particular, this blog is focused on the following key areas:

Agile Software Development. Presenting a variety of topics ranging from leadership, process innovations and general thoughts about what works and what doesn’t.

Technology Innovation. Technology is constantly evolving, and the pace of innovation is accelerating rapidly. You will find current news of key developments from around the globe.

Mobile Devices and Mobile Commerce. Mobile devices will dominate the technology landscape going forward. It is essential to understand the impact of mobile device usage on marketing, sales and brand experience. Will you be able to keep up in today’s new markets?

Security. There are new technologies, and with them new threats. We will look at ways to prevent security issues, and issues that are out in the wild right now.

Enterprise Architecture. Exploring the world of enterprise architecture, its role in the organization, how to overcome obstacles, and how to make it effective. In each of these I hope to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Thanks again for visiting.

David Bleeker


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