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About Me

First you should know…

Faith, hope and love. Learning a lot about all three. It seems like it is taking me a long time.

Family, friends, community. Learning to put these first and to make their agenda my own.

Motivation, skills and gifts. Learning to put these into practice, and enjoying life.

Laughter. Learning to give and receive.

Now, a bit about me professionally…


I am currently available for Agile Development Manager engagements in the greater Los Angeles area.

Key Expertise

I have over twenty years of software development and management experience, including successful projects in Fortune 100 companies.  Key milestones across my career:

  • Agile development management utilizing Extreme Programming, Test Driven Development, and Scrum processes.
  • Multi-team, multi-project management and Agile coaching with teams up to 30 developers.
  • Lean and Agile architecture, Enterprise Architecture.
  • Enterprise Integration—Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Partner Connectivity (EDI/XML).


Enterprise Java (J2EE), .NET, Ruby on Rails, OS X (Xcode, Objective-C).


Banking, Credit, Fraud Detection, Internet Development, Transportation, Food Service.

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