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September 29, 2011 / David Bleeker

JavaScript upgrade to feature modularization

ECMAScript 6, which will also provide developers with more convenience and security, is anticipated for release in 2013

The next major upgrade to the JavaScript platform, tentatively named ECMAScript 6, is set to feature modularization along with other improvements aimed at providing developers with more convenience and security.

Detailed this week in a presentation at the HTML5 Dev Conf event in San Francisco, the ECMAScript upgrade is being eyed for a 2013 release, said presenter David Herman, a senior researcher at Mozilla Research who has participated in the development of the specification at ECMA International. Focusing on JavaScript at an HTML5 technical conference makes perfect sense,  Herman explained. “[The two] are pretty much impossible to separate. HTML5 is really about the new APIs and capabilities of the Web platform and JavaScript is the language of the Web platform, so you can’t use HTML5 without JavaScript and JavaScript is useless without the Web APIs, so the two need each other.”

Modularization enables reuse of JavaScript code so that developers can share what they’ve written for reuse in other applications. “I think it’s safe to say that the module system is the most important feature in the next version of JavaScript,” Herman said. “Modules make it possible for people to share code.” [read more]


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