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August 15, 2011 / David Bleeker

Is the Cloud Obstructing Security?

In the past, before the days of the World Wide Web and the cloud, security seemed to be much easier to manage, simply because there was physical control of the endpoints. PCs were usually located on desks, within the building, unauthorized access was usually easy to spot and building security added another layer of protection.

Today, most administrators are challenged on several levels to keep data secure. First, there is the user perspective, where users want to avoid any complicated log-in mechanisms or even have to remember multiple, complex passwords and log-in names. Simply put, making it easier for the user tends to compromise security. Yet there is another issue here: Making it complicated for the user can compromise security. This is evident by the number of post-it notes attached to monitors that have log-in instructions, account names and passwords all out in the open.

So here we have the classic catch-22: Simple security measures can lead to security breaches, while complex security measures can also lead to security breaches. [read more]

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