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August 11, 2011 / David Bleeker

Android Patent Trouble Worsens: Motorola Considers Collecting IP Royalties

No doubt you’ve heard about Google’s ever-increasing struggle with patents, namely that it can’t protect Android. If it’s not Apple going after Samsung and HTC directly, it’s Oracle, Microsoft and Apple stealing away Nortel/Novell patents. It’s gotten so bad that Microsoft and Google entered into a rather public spat over Twitter and Google’s own blog, where Google finally fought back and accused other companies of trying to “strangle” Android with “bogus patents.” In short, Google has some major Android problems on its hands, and the gravity of the situation just intensified quite a bit.

Motorola, who has long been one of Google’s key Android partners, happens to have a pretty massive patent portfolio. You’d think that would work in Google’s favor, since at least one of its major partners can hold its own against the likes of Apple and Microsoft. Yeah, not so much. Motorola has actually hinted, and subsequently more-than-hinted, that it may “potentially collect royalties” with its patent trove, rather than just defend itself, reports Unwired View. [read more]


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