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August 10, 2011 / David Bleeker

New USB Spec Calls For Up To 100W Of Power, Thinks “Thunderbolt” Is A Cute Name

I’m sure many of our readers have come across a situation where they’d have liked USB to carry a bit more power to their devices. Your phone or iPod, charging ever-so-slowly, or perhaps an external drive that only works on “powered” USB ports — or must be plugged into a wall socket. A wall socket, in this day and age! I ask you!

Fortunately, the SuperSpeed USB group (or whatever shadowy illuminatus it is that truly controls USB) has decreed that the next generation of the USB 3.0 standard (PDF) will include support for a shocking 100 watts of power. That’s enough to keep ten drives running, or an LCD, or even an entire laptop. And believe it or not, it uses the same cables and ports we’ve already got. [read more]



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  1. Eric / Aug 13 2011 2:34 am

    I find the idea kind of interesting however pretty dangerous considering at that amount of power, you can really do a lot of damage. I don’t think with current commercial material could with stand the heat (especially those All-Chinese-Made with cheap USB’s). Though this would be an interesting idea though. Rather than having separate units running individual PSU’s, you can hook them up in serial to share power or even if one breaks down, the others would just split the difference. May come in handy for those data centers trying to cut costs. One more step closer to having externals PSU’s. Plug her in and get 100 watts more. Just need the proper materials or she’ll fly apart.

    • David Bleeker / Aug 13 2011 7:38 am

      I agree. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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