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August 2, 2011 / David Bleeker

7 Scrum Variations That Might Work for You

Vin D’Amico has some practical suggestions that are worth taking note of:

Scrum has simple rules — perhaps too simple for some. The basic guidelines are provided at in an article called Scrum Is an Innovative Approach to Getting Work Done.

Beyond the basics, Scrum can get very complex, very fast. (Actually, the same is true of any process. For example, walking up a flight of stairs is simple, right? Now what if you are on crutches, it’s a spiral staircase, and you have to move a 50-pound television up with you? Not so simple now, is it?)

Staying true to the simple Scrum guidelines becomes more and more difficult as software systems become increasingly complex and the teams needed to build them get larger. [read more]


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