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July 28, 2011 / David Bleeker

Apple iPad now used for 1% of all browsing – leaving Android rivals in the dust

Photograph: Andrew Gombert/EPA

Figures from Net Applications measuring visitors to web sites suggest that the iPad is more than 50 times more popular than its nearest Android rival.

According to Net Applications, Apple’s device makes up 0.92% of all browsing across the web. Doesn’t sound much – until you compare it to the nearest competitors, which according to Netmarketshare (and matching the rough calculations of sales) are the Samsung Galaxy Tab, with 0.018%, the Motorola Xoom (we’ve reviewed it), with 0.012% and the PlayBook (yes, we’ve review

ed it) with 0.003%.

In other words, for every thousand page views by a tablet, 965 would come from an iPad, 19 from a Galaxy Tab, 12 from a Xoom and 3 from a PlayBook. (In market share terms, that would show up as Android having a 3% share.) [read more]


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