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July 21, 2011 / David Bleeker

Hot new service in NYC: Memberly lets you run your own subscription business

Today, Memberly, a platform that helps individuals and small businesses run their own subscription programs, launches to the world. Memberly will help you run a subscription service without the hassles of integrating e-commerce packages and managing disparate communications with customers. By helping you ease these technical complexities, it lets you focus on your area of expertise and deliver the goods to your subscribers.

“We love the subscription model,” said Cheng. “It comes with less uncertainty than running a full-blown online store. When you know how many subscribers you have every cycle, you can plan ahead. You can order in bulk and negotiate discounts. And if you look at the technology behind existing subscription services, it’s all the same. We’re saying to people, here’s that technology. It’s free to sign up. We’ve designed a great experience around it and are going to continue improving on it. You just do what you do best—focus on delivering remarkable products and services.”

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