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July 21, 2011 / David Bleeker

Adobe explains why Flash runs so poorly on OS X Lion

In a knowledge base article on its website, Adobe offers some reasons why its Flash product doesn’t work so well under Lion, reports TUAW. There are several issues with Flash on Apple’s new OS, but the central one seems to be related to the fact that Flash doesn’t seem to be using hardware acceleration on Lion machines.

This results in many upgraders experiencing high fan speeds as the processor, instead of the GPU, is forced to bear the load of Flash computation. MacRumors has isolated some of the important points from the technical article about Flash issues under Lion, but the core issue seems to be related to hardware acceleration.

Flash Player may cause higher CPU activity when playing a YouTube video. Possibly related to disabled hardware acceleration.

So if you’ve been using Flash based sites and your MacBook’s fans have been going at full tilt, now you know why. [read more]

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