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July 12, 2011 / David Bleeker

Apple Wants to Beat HP’s WebOS Sharing Feature with Something Cooler – Patently Apple

When HP first introduced the TouchPad’s “Touch to Share” feature earlier this year, fans and industry pundits alike applauded them for their innovation. Well, it appears that Apple has been working on something similar for about 18 months now. Of course in typical Apple fashion, the concepts envisioned appear to be far more creative as they implement gesturing with Physics Metaphors. In one example, as noted in our cover graphic, you’ll be able to “pour out” files from one device to another in a manner that mimics that of pouring water. Apple lists a host of other examples that include sound effects. One such example includes an iPhone sucking up files from an iPad with the sound effect of a vacuum cleaner. While this newly proposed feature will certainly apply to all of Apple’s hardware, it will also eventually apply to other devices such as televisions, whiteboards, projectors and more. Whether this ends up being a spin-off of Apple’s forthcoming “AirDrop” feature or not remains to be seen. For now, it’s Apple adding some badly needed personality to the boring process of file sharing. [read more]


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